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Angry Bird Mascots

Angry birds is a puzzle video game developed by Rovio Mobile. It’s basically a puzzle where you need to launch a wingless bird using a slingshot at pigs that are inside structures with the intent to destroy all of the pigs. Once you’ve destroyed all of them, then you clear a level. As you go along with the higher levels, you will get new birds with special abilities that you can activate.

angry bird mascot

Angry Bird Mascot - Ideal for birthday parties and events

At first the game only runs in Apple iOS but since it got famous and was played by a lot of people, both kids and adults, the company designed various versions so that it can be played in other touch screens phones. Then it lead to versions for personal computers and other gaming consoles.

Because of the success of this game, it lead to designs for stuff like t-shirts, cups, mugs, toys etc. I saw a post from that they were able to create an angry birds mascot¬†for their shows. This mascot is one of a kind since this is my first time to see a mascot like this. It’s great for birthday parties and events. So I guess if you’re looking something new for your kid’s birthday party, then this is something that you should consider.


Puppet Shows in Asia

The basics

Puppets are anything that could represent a person or animal. They are controlled by people using rods, their hands, strings etc.

Uniqueness of Puppet shows

Each country has their own art of puppetry. Some may find other puppets odd or queer but it’s just the same. We will be discussing some puppet traditions here in Asia. And other puppet shows hopefully in our next posts around the world. (probably Czech Repulic etc)


Chinese people love marionette shows. this is a theatre performance in which the puppets are manipulated using strings.

The origin of puppets can be traced back as early as the Shang Dynasty. It’s the time when they have a custom wherein slaves are buried with their masters was practiced. ¬†During the Warring States Period, entertaining figurines used in story-telling appeared. They were also used as props in singing performances. These art forms evolved and and after the Han dynasty, puppet shows gradually developed into a folk art combining literature, sculpture, painting, opera that appealed to everyone.